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     In less than a century, False Creek has been transformed from the sleepy fishing grounds of the Squamish nation into a showcase of sophisticated urban living. Its metamorphosis is a drama that embraces some of the biggest land deals and most powerful players in British Columbia's history. The Canadian Pacific Railway, Ottawa, local authorities and Hong Kong investors all took part in re-shaping the creek


In 1991 City council issued a challenge to create a community that is sustainable: “on the south shore of False Creek, develop a neighbourhood that is the model of sustainability, incorporating: forward-thinking infrastructure; strategic energy reduction; high-performance buildings; and high transit access”.

The Southeast False Creek (SEFC) area comprises a total of approximately 80 acres (32 hectares) of former industrial land near downtown Vancouver. Most of the land north of 1st Avenue is City owned. Area also includes over 30 acres (12.1 hectares) of privately owned land, between 1st Avenue and 2nd Avenue, to the south, and between 1st Avenue, Quebec Street, Terminal Avenue, and Main Street to the east.

SEFC has been an industrial area since the late 1800’s. Its industrial uses have included sawmills, foundries, shipbuilding, metalworking, salt distribution, warehousing, and the city’s public works yard (Cambie Yard). The original shoreline was near 1st Avenue and the land area north of it is comprised of fill from many sources, including Grandview Railway Cut and ash from a former incinerator in the Cambie Yard.


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